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WCTU has always had a designated time of prayer. As noon comes around the world, members lift their prayers to God. This means there is a continuous circle of prayer at all times.

We also have a prayer chain network so that many people can be mobilised to pray or praise the Lord in specific situations.

Prayer should be the key of the day and the lock of the night.

George Herbert

If you have a concern that you would like prayer for, please submit your request. All requests will be listed anonymously (unless permission for names is given) on this website.

Please let us know when you have seen God answer your prayer.

A Prayer during the Covid-19 crisis

Dear Lord God,

We come to You as the Maker of heaven and earth, our Sustainer, our Redeemer and our Friend.

We praise You for Your power and goodness, Your righteousness and justice, Your compassion and unfailing love.

We need You every moment of our lives for we are sinful, weak and powerless. We thank You for the promises of Your Word, which by faith we can claim.  So instead of our sin, we claim Your righteousness, instead of our weakness, we claim your Strength, instead of our powerlessness, we claim Your divine power - the mighty agency of the Holy Spirit who has promised to make His dwelling in our lives.

We come today because we see a world in need.  This world has forsaken Your Word in many ways and we see the consequences of sin all around us.  We come asking that you will forgive our sins and heal our land.  We ask that You will stay the pestilence that is sweeping the globe and that people will realise that You are the One in whom they must trust. We ask that the situations that face people will not turn them from You but turn them to You.

Father, we pray that you will open the minds of those in authority, those who hold positions of responsibility to represent the people of their constituencies, so that they will be wise to the complexities of government that they manage.  Help them to think carefully on the issues that we have addressed with them and not dismiss them.  May they have wisdom to put in place systems that will protect the lives of people who are affected by alcohol, drugs and addictions of all kinds.  Grant them courage to stand for the right even though many around them may ridicule.  Give them a heart for their people.

Give us understanding hearts and encouraging words to lift the burden from those who are needy, sick, oppressed and cast down.  May we have Your heart of love to reach out and make a difference in their lives and assist in whatever way we can. May we be Your hands, Your feet in ministering to them. May we always uphold those who govern and lift them in prayer to You so that they may receive Your grace and govern righteously.

We ask this because of the sacrifice of Christ, acknowledging that You so loved the world, that You gave all.

In the name of our Saviour, Jesus - Amen

Prayer Requests

WCTU Australia

Pray for the organisation and its continuance of departments with key personnel who can do the job with plans for action.

outback australia

Pray for Sharon Bird as she visits and ministers to the Indigenous people of Australia in the Alice Springs area.  Pray for the children who hear her speak and the adults who receive information.  Pray for the future and for ways for WCTU to spread the message of temperance in the Outback of Australia.

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